COM.TEC Cell Separator Com.TEC Cell Separator

Model: COM.TEC

Compocool II Compocool II

Insulated transport box +

Cooling element

Compocool Compocool

Blood bags cooling system

Compodock CompoDock

Sterile PVC tube connections in just two steps

Compoguard Compogard

Combining safety with efficiency in

Whole blood donation

Compolab Compolab

Quick and accurate haemoglobin


Compomat G4 Compomat G4

Automatic blood component

Processing system

Composeal Composeal

Tube sealing system for perfect and

Reliable seals

Composol PS Composol PS

Multiple electrolyte solution for storage of platelet concentrates

Hemofreeze Hemofreeze

Freezing bags and accessories for long term storage in

liquid nitrogen

HemoLight HemoLight

Blood collection-, mixing- and weighing system

Hemoseal Hemoseal

Tube Sealing System for perfect and reliable seals

Plaqueta Mix Plaqueta Mix

Automatic system for platelet concentrates agitation with horizontal movement

Plaqueta Mix C.A.T.S.

C.A.T.S produces consistently higher hematocrits than bowl systems.