FC-500 FC 500

Five color analysis capability using a single 488nm air-cooled laser

Navios Navios Act Diff Act Diff

Haematology analyzer reporting blood cells counts and three part differential.

Hematology HMX HMX

Fully automated Haematology Cytometry Analyzer with Autoloader.

LH-780 LH-780

Fully automated “Random Access” hematology analyzer.

Allegra X-15 R Allegra X-15 R

Fully automatic compact, large capacity unit.

Allegra X-22 series Allegra X-22 series

Allegra X-22 Ref. Centrifuge 220V/50HZ.

Avanti J26XP Avanti J26XP

High Capacity Bioprocessing centrifuge System.

Avanti JE Centrifuge Avanti JE Centrifuge

High Performance High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge.

Avanti J-HC Centifuge System Avanti J-HC Centifuge System

High Capacity Bioprocessing centrifuge System.

J6MI Centrifuge J6MI Centrifuge

Speeds to 6,000 rpm and forces to 6,835 g.

Optima L-XP Ultracentrifuge System Optima L-XP Ultracentrifuge System

In 0.88 Seconds, we’ll save you 6.5 hours.

Allegra 25R Allegra 25R

The High Performing DNA Denchtop Centrifuge.

Allegra Series Benchtop Centrifuges Allegra Series Benchtop

Benchtop Centrifuges to Optimize Sample Preparation.

Allegra X-12 Series Allegra X-12 Series

Streamline Cell And General Seprations

Allegra Centrifuges Allegra Centrifuges

Centrifuges, Rotors, Tubes & Accessories

Automated Multiplexed Gene Automated Multiplexed Gene

Automated Miltiplexed Gene Expression Profiling.

Avanti J-301 Avanti J-301

Ultracentrifuge power from a high-performance system.

BioSafe Centrifuge Systems BioSafe Centrifuge Systems

Providing Multilevels of Biocontainment

for laboratory safety

Du Series 700 UV Vis Scanning Du Series 700 UV Vis Scanning

Affordable spectrophotometry solution for life science, research and analytical labs.

GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System GenomeLab GeXP Genetic

Multiplex your most important genetic genetic assays on

One platform.

Microfuge Family - 16 - 18 & 22R Microfuge Family 16,18,22

Powerful, productive and

Easy to use.

P-ACE MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis P-ACE MDQ Capillary

CE. Its’s working everywhere you are.

Navios Flowcytometer